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Natural modifiers of taste and flavour of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Lepestki Roz and AT-60 series.


Natural flavours produced by Technofilter are used in food industry and are intended for softening and developing full-fledged taste and flavour of vodkas and for refinement of organoleptic properties of distillery and wine products, brandies, whiskeys, rums, low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. The flavours make it possible to increase the grade of vodka.

Natural flavours are produced on the basis of the microfiltrate of attar of roses and the distillate of rye and wheat using baromembrane processes. The resultant product contains virtually no paraffins, terpenes and several other microimpurities.

The taste/odour profile of low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages produced using Lepestki Roz and AT-60 flavours is softened and harmonized. Alcohol tones and other undesirable tastes and odours are eliminated.

Organoleptic assessment of beverages produced using the flavours and maintained in controlled conditions during the storage period has revealed organoleptically significant development of harmonic taste and odour during the whole storage period.

Technical and organoleptic characteristics of flavours

Name of flavour

Dosage (for vodka)

Organoleptic characteristics and designation


"Lepestki Roz - 10"

10 ml per 1000 dal

Intended for softening and developing full-fledged taste and odour of vodkas, for refinement of organoleptic properties. A pleasant pure vodka odour and a uniquely soft taste.

 "Lepestki Roz+"

8 ml per 1000 dal

A soft, moderately sweet taste. A pure refined elegant vodka taste.



4-5 ml per 1000 dal

Elite flavour, perfectly suited for well-known vodka brands. Odour of grain vodka with flower and fruit tones. Intended for production of a very soft vodka with rye odour.

Method of usage and dosage

Dosages of flavours in production of vodkas and distillery products:

«Lepestki Roz-10» - ≈ 0.00010% with respect to the weight of the finished product

«Lepestki Roz +» - ≈ 0.00008% with respect to the weight of the finished product

«AT-60» - ≈ 0.00004 to 0.00005% with respect to the weight of the finished product

Dosage of the flavour is selected in production conditions in accordance with regulatory and technical documents for a specific type of product or determined experimentally. The flavours are completely dissolved in water and alcohol without any sediment.

Introduction recommendations (testing)

The specified amount of flavour (1 to 0.8 ml of Lepestki Roz or 0.4 to 0.5 of AT-60) is dissolved in 1000 ml (1 l) of rectified ethyl alcohol until a transparent solution is formed, whereafter 1 ml of resultant suspension is dissolved in 1 litre of vodka or 0.5 ml per 0.5 l bottle.

Procedure of flavour introduction into the processed water-alcohol mixture

At first, the required amount of flavour is dissolved in 1 l of ethyl rectified alcohol, whereafter the resultant mixture is dissolved in 100 l of the beverage being processed. It is recommended to introduce the resultant solution through the upper opening into the processed water-alcohol mixture tank before treatment using silver-containing activated carbon cartridges. Mixing is carried out in accordance with the technology adopted at the enterprise. The flavour can be introduced into the processed water-alcohol mixture separately or together with other ingredients. Complete assimilation is achieved within 2 hours after addition of the modifier.

At present, Lepestki Roz flavours are included into formulations used by enterprises of the industry in Russia and abroad. These include: Kristall Ltd (Ulyanovsk), Veda Closed-end JSC, Vladalko Open-end JSC, Istok Open-end JSC, Baikalfarm Open-end JSC (Ulan-Ude), Lux distillery (Stary Oskol), ROOM closed-end JSC (Nizhny Novgorod), Urzhumsky distillery Open-end JSC, Baikalsky Kedr distillery Ltd (Irkutsk), Stumbras AV (Lithuania), etc. Istok Premialnaya vodka produced by Istok Open-end JSC (Beslan) using Lepestki Roz flavour was awarded Grand Prix at the United Vodka-2008 International competition in Cannes (France).

 Legislative approvals

Lepestki Roz natural flavours are produced in accordance with TU 9145-008-10471723-05. State registration certificate No of 17.08.2005, Sanitary-epidemiological certificate No of 15.08.2005

AT-60 natural flavour is produced in accordance with TU 9145-031-10471723-2010

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Natural modifiers "Petals of Roses"


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