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Production of good vodka is a many-sided and complex process, where each trifle is important, since quality is always top priority for connoisseurs of vodka. The main considerations in production of vodka are Alcohol, Water, skillful, professional Filtration, and, of course, the Soul of process engineers.

In this section we present new workings out of Technofilter Research-and-Manufacturing Enterprise that make it possible to improve organoleptic properties of both initial components (alcohol and water) and the final product (natural flavour).

Main applications of Technofilter technologies in preparing water-alcohol mixtures used in production of vodka

  • Removal of mechanical impurities from alcohol taken over from shipping containers and alcohol storages.
  • Improvement of organoleptic properties of alcohol by using Silver Filtration technology.
  • Removal of bitter stuff from alcohol by using EPSF.U sorptive filter elements
  • Improvement of organoleptic properties of water passed through reverse osmosis systems to be used in production of vodka – Schungite Filtration.


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