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The Russian market of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages is now constantly supplemented with new types of products. In spite of seemingly dense saturation of the market, beverage producers continue to increase production volumes. New enterprises are being built that enter the market with new brands and active advertising policy. It becomes evident that to conquer and retain the buyer, one should constantly seek to improve one’s products.

One of the product’s quality criteria is its outward appearance. A beverage should not only be clean and contain no extraneous admixtures, but also have a crystal shine: red wines should have a beautiful ruby colour, beers should have an  amber shine and vodkas should comply with the original meaning of the word, “fine water”. In the case of coloured distillery products, microbiological stability of the beverage is very important which precludes precipitation of a sediment and extends the useful life of the product. This is achieved by various methods, such as filtration through bulk filters and press-filters, settling, cold treatment, clarification, temperature treatment, etc. But the final operation is test filtration immediately before filling. At this stage, fine filter elements are used that are responsible for the final result, and the producer should properly choose a filtration system that will ensure required high quality of the product.

The specific feature of filtration of vodka, in contrast to other alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, Whisky or tequila, consists in the fact that since vodka is produced from extremely clean alcohol and water, it mainly contains not organic particles, but contaminants that are formed in the course of carbon treatment and storage: finely dispersed carbon dust, rust and sinter from tanks and pipes. Large particles are easily seen in such clear products, whereas finely dispersed dust is invisible, but hampers the light flux and significantly affects optical transparency. When such particles penetrate into the matrix of the filter, they remain unaffected by cleaning agents and are not washed out of the filter. In other words, regeneration of filters used in filtration of vodka is ineffective. The filtration system and the filter elements should ensure maximum service life without regeneration.

Due to this specific feature of the Russian beverage, filtration systems were developed that are significantly different from standard systems in terms of increased functionality. Full automation and a special operating algorithm make it possible to achieve maximum service life of filter elements, exclude the human factor and ensure reliability of the process.

Especially for filtration of vodka, Technofilter has also developed filter elements offering increased dirt-holding capacity and, consequently, a longer service life without regenerations, while imparting to the beverage a wonderful shine.

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