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Welcome to our new site dealing with production of vodka or, to be more precise, the issues of filtration in vodka production. Our site will be of interest to vodka producers and those planning to start producing vodka.

The process of filtration is almost the main component in production of vodka, because it is used at virtually all stages of the processing chain: carbon filtration forms the taste and flavour of vodka,  whereas filtration of the finished beverage ensures a long storage life and creates a special appeal to the consumer. Filtration is also used at various stages of ingredient preparation processes (tinctures, honey, sugar syrup), in water conditioning and in preparation of service fluids.

Since vodka is a Russian product, it is not surprising that a Russian company managed to evaluate the specific character of vodka production and develop filtration equipment surpassing foreign analogues in efficiency and functionality. Technofilter has been involved with problems of vodka production for more than 15 years. Now it can be confidently asserted that our company is a leader in the field of microfiltration in Russia and has contributed a lot to improvement of the quality of vodka over these years.

We offer technologies and equipment being used at more than 200 enterprises in the industry that have proved their efficiency. Our company is closely following the trends in science and technology and can offer you new promising developments.

We know how anxious and affectionate you are about your product and hope that you will find a lot of interesting and useful information on the pages of this site. We hope that this project will make it possible to openly discuss the problems of producers of this unique Russian product. We are ready to answer your questions and consider your suggestions on our special Feedback page.


Best regards, Technofilter Ltd.

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