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Technofilter Research-and-Manufacturing Enterprise is a leading Russian company in development and manufacturing of systems for industrial microfiltration. We have a 20-year experience in development and manufacturing of microfiltration membranes and pleated filter elements. The broadest range of filter elements (membrane, depth and sorptive) and equipment makes it possible to carry out high quality filtration in diverse industries.

Our partners are hundreds of enterprises in biopharmaceutical, medical, food, chemical, electronic, defence and other industries whose range is steadily growing. At present we export our products to 20 countries and have representative offices in Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, India and countries of Asia.

Clarification and sterilization of medicinal preparations, serums, vaccines, blood preparations, concentration of viruses from acqueous objects, depyrogenation of acqueous solutions, sterilizing filtration of air, fine treatment of gaseous media and vapour, microbiological stabilization of wines, polishing filtration of vodka and cognac, stabilization of distillery products, trap filtration and sterilization of wine and beer, filtration of drinking water, filtration of process media in microelectronics, chemistry and machine-building industry – these are only some of applications for our microfiltration equipment.

Our company has developed unique well-known technologies for the distillery industry, Silver Filtration and Platinum Filtration, that can be used to control organoleptic properties of the product. Compact Silver Filtration units are used instead of carbon columns for processing of water-alcohol mixtures, whereas Absolute Quality filter units deliver economic effective filtration at the stage of beverage bottling (filling).

Our objective involves not only the production of high-quality science-intensive products that can be used to tackle the most sensitive challenges in critical applications but also the ability to take a correct decision in selecting a process flowsheet for a specific purpose, present it to the Customer and ensure the optimum price-quality relationship by using all our expertise.

We will be glad to help you in solving specific problems in the field of filtration and separation of liquids and gases on the basis of innovative technologies, a broad range of products and long-term professional experience!

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