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Improvement of organoleptic properties of water passed through reverse osmosis systems to be used in production of vodka – Schungite Filtration.

Water subjected to reverse osmosis is known to have a “dry” taste – desalination and demineralization of water have an effect on taste properties of vodka, emphasizing the poignant tone.

We present the new EPSF.Sh sorptive filter element on the basis of schungite.


Additional treatment of water after the reverse osmosis system makes it possible to improve taste properties of water and, consequently, of the final product.

The technology is based on EPSF.Sh cartridge sorptive filter elements incorporating a natural mineral sorbent, the schungite.

Schungite is a unique natural material. It consists of 30% schungite carbon and 70% silicates (containing 80% silica by weight). Schungite carbon has an amorphous structure, features a high reactivity in thermal processes, high sorptive and catalytic properties, electric conductivity and chemical stability.

Due to its catalytic properties, schungite is capable of purifying water from various organic substances (chloroorganics, aromatic hydrocarbons, aliphatic alcohols, etc) for a long time, destroying organic substances to elementary oxides (CO2, H2O) and precipitating metals from water (by 70 to 90%) in the form of insoluble mixtures (carbonates, oxylates, etc).

The EPSF.SH filter element is a “minicolumn” containing ground schungite loaded between outer and inner shells, featuring longitudinal flow pattern 250, 500, 750 and 1000 mm high elements are available. A standard EPSF.Sh cartridge element having the height of 250 mm, outer diameter of 70 mm and inner diameter of 26 mm contains about 770 g of schungite having density of about 1.9 g/cm3.

 Operating recommendations

Recommended rate of water filtration for production of water-alcohol mixtures to be used in production of vodka is 50 to 150 l/hour for one 250 mm high element.

Depending on the required processing rate, the number and height of filter elements as well as the grade of the DS filter holder or filtration system are selected.


Main applications:

  • Preparation of process water to be used in production of water-alcohol mixtures (vodka).
  • Preparation of drinking water.

Filtration and adsorptive purification of water from organic and inorganic impurities, electroreduction and electrodeposition of heavy metal ions.

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