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Honey is an ingredient frequently used in production of vodka. Addition of a small amount of honey makes the beverage soft and refined. But honey is also one of the most composite ingredients. If it is not conditioned properly, pollen, wax, etc. contained in honey can form sediments in the final product. Besides, honey significantly affects the throughput of downstream filters.



In order to condition honey properly, we recommend to use the following technology:

1. Heat honey in metal tableware to a temperature no more than 40°C
2.  Remove the wax film from the surface of honey
3.  Dissolve and mix honey in vodka at a ratio of 1 to 10
4.  The tank with the solution is placed into a refrigerating chamber (at -8°) for no less than 8 hours.
5.  Decant the supernatant mixture


 Filter the resultant mixture using 1 μm rated filter elements (it is recommended to use the
  EPM.SK-300/100-A-250 filter element, filtration rate: no more than 300 l/hour)

To filter a honey mixture, we recommend to use the Multifunctional system for filtration of small amounts of products (see Introduction to the section “Preparation of Ingredients)

The EPM.SK-300/100-A-250 filter element is a membrane element in terms of the prevailing particle retention mechanism, in which a two-layer filter material is placed in the form of a pleated package: the first layer is filter cardboard consisting of microfibres of glass (70%) and cellulose (30%); the second layer is a caprone membrane (Nylon-6 polyamide). The filter element offers retention efficiency of 1 μm particles of no less than 99,98%.



Micron rating

3 to1 μm

Dimensions, mm



Outer diameter


Inner diameter



Filtering media

Glass cardboard / cellulose + Polypropylene

Maximum differential pressure (MPa)

0.3 at 200

Effective filtration area, 2


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