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Softening and improving the organoleptic properties of spirits by sorption filter cartridges -  EPSF.T.

We present a new sorption filter cartridge  EPSF.T for additional softening and improvement of organoleptic properties of spirits.


The base of the filter element EPSF.T are ion-exchange resins as special sorbents.
The active components of the EPSF.T filter materials contribute to the processes:

  • oxidation and transformation of compounds giving defects to alcohols;
  • selective sorption with the formation of chelating compounds with zirconium, with acrolein, crotonaldehyde, diacetyl and terpenes;
  • removal of excess quantities of metals (Ca, K, Fe, Cu, etc.) from brandy, whiskey, cognac drinks, which lead to the formation of opacities and deterioration of the bottling resistance.
  • some kinds of resins carry out correction of PH of cognac drinks.
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